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The passion of grandfather Raffaele, led Giuseppe, Emiddia, Sonia and Lella to inaugurate an enological project, aimed at the clear identification of Vesuvius as a unique territory, being the only active volcano in continental Europe. Climatic and lying conditions that impose an autonomous and "artistic" reading, in order to produce wines that are a clear expression of the context. Although the Bosco de' Medici project is the realization of a dream that comes from afar - that of grandfather Raffaele - it is also a winery run by young people, as such, the experimental aspect and the desire to find new solutions and interpretations of traditional stylistic features, are omnipresent in the proposed oenological solutions. Thus was born our Dressel 19.2, a Caprettone in amphora (the first on Vesuvius to rediscover this ancient winemaking tool). Eight hectares of vineyard, divided into small parcels, on which agronomic studies are being carried out, in order to introduce a company "zoning," to be carried over, where the characteristics are peculiar, into our future wines. Based on this, we have built our small winery, with small steel silos, in order to be able to separately age the product from the individual plots. The winemaking project has a "sustainable" footprint. Abolished use of synthetic products, we operate with total respect for the land, according to styles that from organic, anthroposophically translate into a biodynamic management of the farm's agricultural park. We also care so much about the transmission of such concepts, not only through wines, but also with a program of transmission of biodynamic culture. Thus the educational/experimental vineyard was born. A vineyard of about half a hectare, located within the Pompeian estate of Bosco de' Medici. A place where our guests, in addition to being able to appreciate the growth of all the ampelographic varieties grown on the estate, will be able to learn all about the instrumentation, techniques and products used for viticulture. Finally, we are among the first in Italy to experiment with dowsing. An implementation technique of biodynamic management, based on the diffusion of radio frequency support to the vineyard.


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