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"The sky, the earth, a vineyard and bare hands to work it.
Our family's wine
is encapsulated in this magical encounter.

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History is our future.

A History that comes from afar and has its roots in the early 1900s, when grandfather Raffaele discovered his passion for viticulture, walking among the rows of his property, in the Vesuvian vineyards, savoring the taste of the encounter with nature. A passion that led to the first experiments in winemaking, in the cellar of an 18th-century farmhouse, owned by the family, the remains of which are still clearly visible in the Pompeian estate of Bosco de' Medici. There, a few steps from the ancient ruins of archaeological Pompeii, Raffaele and his lifelong partner, Emiddia, discovered how complex are the processes that lead to the birth of a wine. These were the years when Hotel Diana - in the center of Pompeii - and the riding school were founded, in what 3 decades later would become the Bosco de' Medici estate. In 1996, the Winery was founded, and in 2014, the desire to honor Raffaele's passion prompted his grandchildren, Emiddia, Sonia, Lella and Giuseppe to establish the Winery and begin production of wines under the Bosco de' Medici brand. Today the Winery is the flagship of the corporate group, a place inspired by the passion for viticulture and wine, a place that, as grandfather Raffaele intended, recalls the noble "art" of Roman otium.

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