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Live the magical experience of our Wine Tasting

You will be able to choose from a variety of itineraries, tastings and activities that will allow you to discover unique flavors of the Campanian tradition, sip excellent locally produced wines and enjoy unique experiences.

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Our land has allowed us to become what we are now and, most importantly, allows us to offer excellent quality products.

In the 9th century B.C., the history of the ancient city of Pompeii was born in which the practice of viticulture began to become increasingly established. In this regard, we operate within our territory with a focus on product quality. In fact, we offer our customers carefully produced wines with an unmistakable taste.

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We offer our customers only the best

The passion of grandfather Raffaele, led Giuseppe, Emiddia, Sonia and Lella to inaugurate an enological project, aimed at the clear identification of Vesuvius as a unique territory, being the only active volcano in continental Europe. Climatic and lying conditions that impose an autonomous and "artistic" reading, in order to produce wines that are a clear expression of the context. We place attention on sustainability and the transmission of the concept of biodynamic culture.


As a guarantor of the quality of our wines, there is the outstanding winemaker Vincenzo Mercurio.


Founder of Wings of Mercurio, Vincenzo Mercurio is a wine consultant who works with a method that respects the grape variety, the terroir and the people behind it. He loves traveling along the boot to meet new faces, stories and grape varieties. A firm believer in Organic living, he participates in round tables and seminars designed to provide operators with practical tools so they can live Organic as a philosophy of life and not as a sterile operational protocol.

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If you'd like to go horseback riding, hiking, or sipping good wine, you've come to the right place.


Bosco De' Medici allows you to experience unforgettable moments not only from the culinary point of view, but also from the recreational one. In fact, we propose below various activities that you can enjoy within the structure.


Discover the magic behind our services


Every request or wish of our clients is taken care of down to the smallest detail to give moments of happiness.

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Recensioni Winery

- Winery -

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I am passionate about wine, I enjoy visiting wineries and learning about the food and wine traditions of the places I visit. My husband and I were departing from Ancona to Naples and the first stop we wanted to make was Pompeii to visit the archaeological excavations, the basilica and hike to the crater of Vesuvius, and at this point why not learn about Vesuvian food and wine cultures and traditions.
I peeked a bit on Google and found this wonderful location in Pompeii. 
After the excursion to the crater we went to the Bosco and were greeted by the manager Gabriele and owner Giuseppe with a glass of Charmat method sparkling wine.
Immediately afterwards we were guided by Francesco with so much passion on a golf card through the vineyards he took us to discover every corner of the structure rich in history .
Finally we came to the winery where the sommelier told us how winery pompei was born and we tasted their exquisite wines.
A unique experience rich in history and culture, I recommend it to everyone.


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