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Nestled among enchanting vineyards, our casale is the perfect place to celebrate unforgettable weddings, where the refined elegance of the wines combines with the rustic beauty of the countryside, giving a unique atmosphere of romance and taste.

At the foot of Vesuvius and a few steps from the Archaeological Park of Ancient Pompeii and the Sanctuary dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of the Holy Rosary stands our location, a lush oasis of peace and serenity. . “Il Casale Bosco de Medici” is the right place for a Mediterranean-style wedding: among its vineyards, the branches and, if the season is right, among the lush golden bunches. Surrounded by history and immersed in Italian and international culture, our wedding team is ready to listen to your wishes, plan and execute your event, taking care of every detail. From organizing the wedding to developing the menus, you will be followed step by step to enjoy a rich and tasty gastronomic experience to the delight of all palates. The Casale del Bosco De' Medici dates back to the late 18th century, and until the mid-20th century it was a real productive reality, as agriculture and livestock were the only livelihood activities. On the ground floor there were the stables, while the sleeping area and the kitchen were on the upper floor, where the built-in kitchen of that time still stands. From here you can admire a wonderful view from above, which in a single setting embraces the entire Bosco de' Medici estate, the excavations and modern Pompeii! Today, the entire upper floor is used as a suite which is reserved for the first wedding night for our newlyweds. 

On the wedding day, the farmyard in front of the casale is dedicated to welcoming guests, set up with sofas, seats and refreshment areas such as: the water cooler, the welcome aperitif with non-alcoholic cocktail and sparkling wine from the Bosco de' Medici company , and delicacies from the Chef. Upon the arrival of the newlyweds, the guests will be seated in the pergola area, where the various corners of the appetizers will be arranged. However, finger foods will be served off the cuff. The pergola can seat approximately 200 people. The casale has multiple outdoor spaces and romantic gardens where you can make your dream come true. The areas intended for reception moments are: the area in front of the casale with its farmyard, the Infinity Pergola, the Large Square, the Waterfall, and the Winter Garden. Furthermore, the location also features lateral pergolas, rose gardens and an Italian garden: natural settings for capturing images using the beauty and diversity of the natural world as a backdrop for your photos. 

Our first proposal for dinner is the Infinity Pergola. An area characterized by the presence of the typical Sorrento pergola, where the chestnut poles are surrounded by vines which, intertwining, create a green environment of great charm, unique in our Mediterranean area. In the area there are two pergolas, which can contain up to 100 seats each, joined by a central corridor which makes the passage of guests comfortable. Dinner under the Infinity Pergola can be set up with long imperial tables or single rectangular tables. 

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Our second proposal for the dinner moment is ours Square, is called this because it is the center of the entire Bosco De Medici Estate, it is set up with a series of lights that make the environment very romantic. The bride and groom's table is usually positioned under the central flower pergola and all around the guests' round tables which frame it. Given the large space, various types of setups can be considered, round, rectangular or imperial tables, just as you can create a dance area that allows you to better involve your guests.

Our third proposal for dinner is The Winter Garden. This area is entirely covered, a place bathed in sunlight and surrounded by plants that make it refined and wonderful, a small corner of indoor paradise. The Winter Garden can be transformed, through the lateral openings, into a single environment with the external spaces to be completely embraced by greenery. In case of adverse weather conditions, the Winter Garden is an excellent choice for all our brides.  The focal point of the area is precisely our waterfall, the flow of flowing water creates a wonderful visual and sound spectacle. The unmistakable roar and murmur of the water fills the surrounding air with a pleasant and relaxing white noise. The different flowering plants that surround it create a natural setting with touches of pink, white and red. The rose gardens, with the vineyards, highlight the splendid scenography, how can you not choose it for the cutting of the cake or for the celebration of the wedding ceremony? To make the waterfall area comfortable, there are sofas and tables for guests and a corner for the final moment of wedding favors. The Casale of Bosco de Medici is also the municipal headquarters of the Municipality of Pompeii for the celebration of civil weddings, an added value that combines the important administrative role of the community with the profound and intimate meaning of a civil wedding. This combination creates a special connection between the ceremony and our location, adding the touch of authenticity and meaning to the couple's special day.  

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