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The Bosco de' Medici staff is made up of professional figures who deal with teaching and services to offer students specific and complete training.

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The instructors for children are experts in pony Games, psychology and pedagogy; for an approach made of emotions, passion and development of grit as well as overcoming fears.

The instructors for competitive and adult riders are highly charismatic and highly qualified in the discipline of Show Jumping, thanks to the skills acquired during their competitive equestrian careers and the countless updates and international internships they follow.

The technical leadership of the competitive sector is entrusted to Federal Technician Francesco Salzano, a well-known Show Jumping rider. Francesco has taken part in important international events achieving excellent results. He acquired his skills from the school of the following international technicians and riders: Stefano Brecciaroli, Paul Schockemöhle, David McPherson.

The technical leadership of the Pony Club sector, on the other hand, is entrusted to Sonia Palomba.

An expert in playful activities with ponies, a member of the FISE national pony club commission, trainer and examiner of FISE basic instructor training courses. She has accompanied many students toward a basic path made up of preparatory activities for the Olympic disciplines.

Promoter of innovative training systems.

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