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Tasting notes: Offers olfactory notes typical of the Vesuvian winemaking tradition. Hints of citrus fruit, which the alcohol content helps give greater depth and intensity. In quick succession broom flowers and puffs of iodine. Savory mouthfeel and rich acidity, supporting a sip that is repeated with pleasure.

Pompeii white

  • Features

    • Appellation, Typology: Pompeiano Igt Bianco
    • Grapes: Caprettone 100%
    • Area of Production: Terzigno - Vigna La Rotonda
    • Altitude: 250 - 350 m S.L.M.
    • Soil: Sandy - Volcanic
    • Exposure: S/O
    • Training system Yield per hectare: Guyot - Espalier; 70 q
    • Harvest: Manual harvest in the second week of September. Selection of the most suitable grapes
    • Vinification: Soft pressing of whole grapes. Fermentation and maceration (21 days with stems) of 30% of the mass in terracotta amphorae from Impruneta.
    • Aging: 70% of the mass ages 8 months in temperature-controlled steel silos. 30% of the mass refines 4 months in amphorae and subsequent 4 months in temperature-controlled steel silos. After blending, a period of an additional 2 months of bottle aging follows.
    • Alcohol content: 13%.
    • Serving Temperature: 10 - 12 °C


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