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Our production philosophy

The passion of grandfather Raffaele, led Giuseppe, Emiddia, Sonia and Lella to inaugurate an enological project, aimed at the clear identification of Vesuvius as a unique territory, being the only active volcano in continental Europe. Climatic and lying conditions that impose an autonomous and "artistic" reading, in order to produce wines that are a clear expression of the context. Although the Bosco de' Medici project is the realization of a dream that comes from afar - that of grandfather Raffaele - it is also a winery run by young people, as such, the experimental aspect and the desire to find new solutions and interpretations of traditional stylistic features, are omnipresent in the proposed oenological solutions. Thus was born our Dressel 19.2, a Caprettone in amphora (the first on Vesuvius to rediscover this ancient winemaking tool). Eight hectares of vineyard, divided into small parcels, on which agronomic studies are being carried out, in order to introduce a company "zoning," to be carried over, where the characteristics are peculiar, into our future wines. Based on this, we have built our small winery, with small steel silos, in order to be able to separately age the product from the individual plots. The winemaking project has a "sustainable" footprint. Abolished use of synthetic products, we operate in total respect of the terroir, according to styles that from organic, anthroposophically translate into a biodynamic conduction of the agricultural estate. We also care very much about the transmission of such concepts, not only through wines, but also with a program of transmission of biodynamic culture. Thus the educational/experimental vineyard was born. A vineyard of about half a hectare, located within the Pompeian estate of Bosco de' Medici. A place where our guests, in addition to being able to appreciate the growth of all the ampelographic varieties grown on the estate, will be able to learn all about the instrumentation, techniques and products used for viticulture. Finally, we are among the first in Italy to experiment with dowsing. An implementation technique of biodynamic management, based on the diffusion of radio frequency support to the vineyard.

Discover all our wine lines

Our entry-level formats are all born from vinifications of grapes indigenous to the area. We reclaim vineyards in a state of semi-abandonment and work with small Vesuvius vintners to help them produce grapes suitable for vinification. Aglianico, Falanghina and Piedirosso form the basis of our Ruber, Albus and Cor Semelae.

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Vesevius are bubbles for all tastes. Vesevius Charmat comes from a cuvée of Falanghina del Vesuvio, sparkling in an autoclave in the home of the Martinotti method, Valdobbiadene. It is a sparkling wine with a more elegant but still explosive and fresh bubble, daughter of the Volcano on whose slopes the grapes deputed to its production take shape.

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These are wines through which we shape our production philosophy: experimental, dynamic, sustainable, healthy. Pompeii Bianco is a wine that comes from a rare grape, Caprettone, which grows uniquely on Vesuvius, perfect for maceration.
Pompeii Rosso comes from the Vigneto la Rotonda, where grandfather Raffaele spent his days tending his grapes. Made from only Piedirosso grapes, locally known as Per' e Palummo, it is a wine of great elegance.

The name Lacryma Christi is linked to the legend according to which, Lucifer, the "fallen" angel, stole a piece of paradise, before plunging into the bowels of the underworld, and from the chasm he created rose Vesuvius. It is said that, Jesus, recognizing in the Gulf of Naples the that stolen corner of paradise, wept and from his tears were born the vineyards of this wine. The Vesuvius line of bosco de' Medici, is a tribute to the ancient tradition of Vesuvian wines and Lacryma Christi.


This is Bosco de' Medici's most experimental line. The wines produced are the result of an "enoarchaeological" study of varieties and cultivation techniques, as well as of the terroir. Dressel 19.2 comes from only Caprettone grapes and completes its vinification entirely in earthenware dolia (sopraterra) and ages in earthenware dolia buried in the cellar of our 18th-century farmhouse. It is a tribute to the foremost scholar of archaeological clay finds-Heinrich Dressel. The 19.2 indicates the parcel sheet from which the grapes come.

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Our awards


They said, "Truly a nice surprise from the Bosco De' Medici winery, which presents us with three noteworthy labels for the first year. One in particular: Pompeii Bianco 2015, from pure caprettone, is distinguished by fine, subtle notes of chamomile and green tea and a savory, sharp, volcanic palate."
Our Pompeii Bianco 2015 wine was rated with two red glasses ( indicate very good to excellent wines that reached the final tastings), while our Lavarubra 2015 was rated with two black glasses ( indicate very good to excellent wines in their respective categories).

Our wines, 2015 vintage, reviewed by Gambero Rosso's renowned guide Vini d'Italia 2018.



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We were praised because, continuing in family footsteps, we carry on with dedication and success a project to enhance the area's indigenous grapes. They considered our sampling to be among the best in the area enhanced especially by Pompeii bianco, a version of Caprettone, the local foxtail, which is the fifth essence of the area: fragrant, joyful, with a salty sip.

In the 2017 Bibenda Guide, compiled by the Italian Sommelier Foundation, our 2015 vintage wines were tasted and evaluated.

In particular, our wines Pompeii 2015 (red and white IGT ) and Lavaflava 2015 (Lacryma christi del vesuvio bianco D.O.C ) were awarded four bunches, symbolizing wines of great level and pronounced finesse. While, our Lavarubra 2015 (Lacryma Christi del vesuvio rosso D.O.C ) was awarded 3 bunches, a symbol of wines of good level and particular finesse.


Our prized oil also earned a place on the podium in the awarding of Italy's best extra virgin oils.

Specifically, 5 drops, a rating of excellence, were awarded to EVO Gold Bio 2022 Bosco De Medici oil.

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