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Philosophy & Sustainability

We choose for you only products that are lovingly processed and of the highest quality.

At our facility you will immerse yourself in a magical environment. You will be captured by the beauty of nature, you will be able to get lost in the greenery and enjoy this peaceful but really impressive landscape.

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Our philosophy is based on a solid balance between tradition and innovation, past and present. With us, ancient winemaking traditions handed down from generation to generation are combined with a constant search for innovative techniques that allow us to obtain wines of the highest quality. Bosco de' Medici is a company that has been able to exploit and develop a territory, the Vesuvian one, in order to obtain red and white wines that are today appreciated all over the world. For three generations we have been committed to seeking a method of cultivation that respects the environment and man. Our wines are therefore the offspring of a production philosophy that has the following as its principles:


  • The thousand-year experience of Vesuvian wines;

  • The uniqueness of the Vesuvius terroir, as the only active volcano in continentael Europe;

  • The concepts of cru and zoning;



All these elements, are supported by a continuous agronomic and oenological study of the raw material and wines. Project that is declined in the creation of a winery structured to accommodate wines from individual plots, with containers suitable for the purpose. Finally, the return to ancestral agricultural practices, recalling the tradition and memory of places where agriculture was practiced as far back as 3,000 years ago.

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Bosco de' Medici Winery has always been an advocate of virtuous methods for the environment and low environmental impact. For our company, sustainability has now become an important factor that combines the three fundamental dimensions of development: environmental, economic and social. Through the use of local products, which allow us to shorten the supply chain, we avoid food waste and decrease the CO2 emission caused by long transport distances. Most of the produce used in our kitchen comes from our organic garden, which allows us to bring food to the table that is always fresh, with greater nutritional qualities. In addition, our menus are constantly evolving and are based on seasonal products, which not only have less environmental impact but tend to reflect our gastronomic culture.

We also carry the same concept of sustainability into the work we do in the vineyard, where we use only natural substances that stimulate the vine's immune response, avoiding pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and herbicides. Grape production is often lower than conventional agriculture, but certainly healthier. Lastly, the harvest is done by hand, so that we have the opportunity to choose only healthy bunches, to minimize interventions in the winery.

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