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A solution to every problem

After all, everything went well!

It is 4:00 p.m. on April 23, 2022, and I am in the company of a married couple: Luana, a beautiful woman, very simple and refined, and Luigi, also a man of good looks. They went to the estate because they would like to celebrate their wedding at the Casale. They learned about "Bosco De' Medici" through a friend of Luana, who had the

pleasure of attending her cousin's wedding.

After getting to know each other a bit, I showed them all areas of the estate.

They were particularly impressed with the "Infinity Pergola" area, but they quickly pointed out a fear they had, which was that there might be a crush of guests at the buffet stations, since they had previously attended another wedding as guests and had precisely experienced this problem in particular.

In fact, they found themselves all over each other in trying to get food from the buffet and this

thing the bride-to-be did not like. I reassured them by telling them that regardless of the area they would choose, they should rest assured because, as with other wedding couples who feared this problem, we solved it.

In fact, I told them about a wedding that presented the same fears as theirs and told them that on the very day of the event I was faced with a change in the menu; in fact, the bride, the night before had discussed it directly with the chef; from this I realized that the buffet stations, given the large number of guests, were not enough and that there would surely be a crush. So I immediately rushed to call more staff so that they would help and boost the buffet, and I recommended that all the envoys should be served with lots of repasts of dishes; having a few more stations added as well.

I dare not imagine what might have happened if there had not been full staff availability, surely the envoys would have been crowded in front of the stations. The bride, out of contentment and perhaps even a little taken aback by emotion cried, because the guests from the very beginning were complimenting the location and the service that the staff at that moment were performing. From this tale Luana and Luigi immediately calmed down and we proceeded to choose the menu and the arrangements and eventually to draw up the contract, without hesitation; as they had come to the estate with so many good reviews made by their acquaintances and then put into action by our work.


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