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Iginio Massari


Mother a cook, father a canteen manager, early memories find him admiring colors, shapes and smells...

At age 16, after a few months working in a downtown bakery, he welcomed the urge for knowledge and turned his gaze to neighboring Switzerland, in the French cantons of which, in four years, he gained his first experience in pastry and chocolate making.

In Budrye he enjoys the privilege of Master Claude Gerber's humanity and wisdom.

There, having completed his first training course, which he was already in demand for his undiminished dedication and competence, he returned to Italy.

The episode of a very serious car accident dates from that time. Forced immobility did not curb his personal activism, nor that of Mr. Barzetti, a well-known food industrialist, who, in order to have Massari in his retinue, sent him to pick him up from his brother Luigi every day.


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